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About Me

Hello! I'm Kelly, an accomplished photographer who has spent over 13 years specialising in capturing the breathtaking beauty of rescued animals in sanctuary settings. My passion for animals extends far beyond simple admiration – I've dedicated my life to making the world a kinder palce for them and using the transformative power of photography to share their stories.

My journey into photography was sparked when I volunteered to uncover animal cruelty within the horse racing industry. Through my camera lens, I was able to capture the often unseen struggles these animals faced. Today, my striking photographs serve not only to bridge the gap between farmed animals and people but also as a powerful tool in advocacy and outreach efforts.

Photography for me is more than just capturing visually stunning images. My mission, powered by my camera, extends beyond the lens. My goal is to inspire and mentor others in the field of animal photography by sharing the extensive knowledge, insights, and over a decade of experience I've garnered over the years.

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